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Commercial Production Music albums Joseph has contributed to. 

Cinematic Pop - KPM

Concept based production music available for licensing


Concept based production music available for licensing

These albums were put together with directors and filmmakers in mind, putting music that is deeply rooted in conceptual ideas directly at their fingertips. These albums go against the grain, showcasing Joseph's vision that goes beyond the music and into the heart of their stories. 

Hover over and learn more about each album. 

Machinations is a visceral concept album of film and television inspired tracks that evoke a sense of darkness, tension and rising suspense. Organic instruments are distorted and bent; textures are forced out of instruments and subtle melodies characterise this album. 


Machinations Preview - 'Ubiqutious' -
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Starry-Eyed is a concept album of film and television inspired tracks that evoke the otherworldly; of fantastic journey's and epic adventures; of witches and companies of men, of space and the unknown. The album is characterised by a distinct cinematic quality, large orchestras and epic themes. 


Starry-Eyed Preview - 'Witch Among Us' -
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Absolution Preview - 'Panzer Tanks Assemble' -
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Absolution is a concept album inspired by war and the bravery, heroism and terror that shape it. The album draws on the history of conflict, using traditional ensembles alongside contemporary film music techniques to embody the humanity and inherent realities of human conflict. Epic horn themes, heart-pounding war drums and sombre string arrangements are laced throughout this album.


Ungodly is a concept album with an appetite for destruction. Written specifically with cinematic film trailers in mind, the tracks here are earth shattering, electronic and orchestral hybrid tracks that take the listener on a short fury-filled adventure. There is nothing God-like here.  


Ungodly Preview - 'Paranoia' -
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Disconent Preview - 'Still Got Fight In Me' -
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Discontent is a concept album inspired by the toils of reality television. For the Ninja Warriors and the Bachelors, the unruly kitchens and the survivors hanging on by a thread. The ensembles are big, the themes are laced with tension and the moments that simmer dig slowly under the skin. The music on this album is loud, uninhibited and contemporary film music inspired by the great film composers of the 21st century. Expect big orchestras, heavy guitars, pulsing synths and mammoth drum ensembles. 

Alchemy is a contemporary concept album inspired by ethereal soundscapes, modern electronic vibes and delicate melodies. Each track wades between a sense of certainty and fragility, and is designed for intimate moments in film and television.


Alchemy Preview - 'Like Water' -
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This concept/production music album is full of pint sized tunes written specifically with advertising TVCs in mind. Ranging from 10secs to 1:30, each track catches a vibe and sprints with it, genres ranging from sunny pop rock, to blues, contemporary, retro, reggae and even a flair of baroque classicism. There is a tune on here for any occasion, digital or traditional, and will make sure all the time-starving, agitated, internet surfing junkies won't skip the ads!  


TVC Preview - 'Open Road' -
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