Otherworldly concepts, visceral sounds

Having studied classical guitar from a young age whilst listening to his dad’s Police records, Joseph has become a chameleon, finding a part of himself in every genre from rock to electronic, R&B to pop, country to trap, whilst underpinning his desire to not be defined within borders. His ability to inhabit styles and his love of high concept art has led him in a singular direction - film music - in which, as a composer, Joseph feels most at home. He has written scores for documentaries, short films, trailers and advertising TVC’s for brands such as Coca Cola and Twitter. His scores have featured on stages including the Cannes film festival, national and international theatres and television throughout Australia, NZ and PNG, and his remixes have found homes through Interscope Records and Paramount Pictures, including a remix of the ’Mission Impossible Fallout’ theme by composer giant Lorne Balfe. 


Joseph brings a unique, concept driven vision to every project he works on, finding comfort in the studio and stage alike, having played shows including Miami’s Rolling Loud festival, Singapore’s Music Matters and headline and support dates throughout Australia and the US with band MOM and brother Nick de la Hoyde. In April 2020, Nick de la Hoyde's debut album 'A Beautiful Mess' which Joseph cowrote and produced, won Best Pop Album at the Independent Music Awards, 2020.  


His broader interests in the arts led him to the establishment of art project A Body of Desire and other writing and photography projects in which he explores concepts surrounding the imagination and the power of dreams. Joseph’s work - rampant and obsessive - underpins an artist who is unapologetic about his desire to reach every corner of the art world; the fragmentation of his creative spirit becoming a part of what makes his work as a whole, visceral.  

Joseph can be found working from his studio in Sydney, composing for film, writing and producing artists under moniker ZU/ZU and creating art for A Body of Desire.  




'Forever Young' - Nick de la Hoyde - 2020 - Writer/Producer 

'Morning Light' - Justine Eltakchi - Co-producer & Mix/Mastering Engineer

‘Evergreen' - D.E.L - 2020 - Mix/Mastering Engineer 

‘Bad News' - Nick de la Hoyde - 2020 - Writer/Producer 

‘A Beautiful Mess' Album - Nick de la Hoyde - 2020 - Writer/Producer 

'Green Light' - Jasmine Rae - 2020 - Writer/Producer

‘Me' - Nick de la Hoyde - 2019 - Writer/Producer 

'Jakob' EP - Jakob (Half-Burned Cigarette & All I See) - 2019 - Writer/Producer

'Where Dangerous Dreams End Certainly' - 2019 - Artist/Producer/Writer

'In2' - ZU/ZU & Nick de la Hoyde - 2019 - Artist/Producer/Writer

‘It's Already June' - D.E.L  & ZU/ZU - 2019 - Writing/Production/Mix/Mastering 

‘Bedford' - D.E.L - 2019 - Mix/Mastering Engineer 

‘High' - Nick de la Hoyde - 2019 - Writer/Producer 

Ying Yang Twins - 2019 - Vocal Production

‘From Me To You EP’ - Brittany Maggs - (Lazy Boy, Reasons & Killing My Vibe) 

‘ICONIC EP’ - Rachael Fahim - 2019 - Producer/Mix Engineer

‘It’s Already June’ - D.E.L & ZU/ZU - Writer/Producer/Artist

‘Reasons’ - Brittany Maggs - 2019 - Producer

‘Even If I Wanted To’ - Rachael Fahim feat. Brad Cox - 2019 - Producer

‘A Cure For Transcendental Angst’ - ZU/ZU - 2019 - Writer/Producer/Artist

‘Warning’ - Azure - 2019 - Writer/Producer

‘Ghost’ - Nick de la Hoyde - 2019 - Writer/Producer

'I'm x Too x Emotional EP' - D.E.L - 2019 - Mix/Mastering Engineer

‘London’ - Justine Eltakchi - 2019 - Vocal Producer

Focus’ - ZU/ZU - 2019 - Writer/Producer/Artist

‘Wake Up 2.0’ - Alex Ritchie feat. Nick de la Hoyde & ZU/ZU - Producer/Artist

‘Animals’ - Nick de la Hoyde - 2019 - Writer/Producer

‘A Flower in the Rain’ - Joseph de la Hoyde - 2019 - Writer/Producer

‘Kiss Me Into Monday’ - Abby Christo - 2019 - Writer/Producer 

‘Lazy Boy;’ - Brittany Maggs - 2019 - Writer/Producer

‘I’m Into You’ - ZU/ZU - 2018 - Writer/Producer/Artist

‘California’ - Nick de la Hoyde - 2018 - Writer/Producer

‘Freaks’ - Azure - 2018 - Writer/Producer

‘What I Don’t Know’ - Rachael Fahim - 2018 - Producer

‘Mission Impossible: Fallout Remix’ - ZU/ZU - 2018 - Producer/Artist

‘Mirror Mirror’ - Nick de la Hoyde - 2018 - Writer/Producer

‘What I Don’t Know’ - Rachael Fahim - 2018 - Producer

‘Hold Me Close’ - Nick de la Hoyde - 2018 - Writer/Producer

‘Brake Lights’ - Rachael Fahim - 2018 - Producer

‘Enemy’ - Nick de la Hoyde - 2017 - Writer/Producer

Mission Impossible 6 Fallout - Lorne Balfe (ZU/ZU Remix] (2018) - Producer/Artist

A Soul in a Jar [i – A Body of Desire] (January 2018) – Composer

Machinations (Production Album) (2017) – Composer

Starry-Eyed (Production Album) (2017) – Composer

Absolution (Production Album) (2017) – Composer

Discontent (Production Album) (2017) – Composer

Ungodly (Production Album) (2017) – Composer

Alchemy (Production Album) (2017) – Composer

TVC (Production Album) (2017) – Composer

By My Side [ZU/ZU Remix] (2017) – Nick de la Hoyde - Writer/Producer

Love Takes Time [ZU/ZU Remix] – Nick de la Hoyde (2017) – Writer/Producer

Jungle [ZU/ZU Remix] – Saint Mesa (Interscope USA 2017) – Producer

Love Takes Time – Nick de la Hoyde (2017) – Writer/Producer

Thinking Bout You [ZU/ZU Remix] – Nick de la Hoyde (2017)– Writer/Producer

Thinking Bout You – Nick de la Hoyde (2016) – Writer/Producer

Never Gonna Beg For It – Nick de la Hoyde (2016) – Writer/Producer

Changing – Nick de la Hoyde (2016) – Writer/Producer

Life Challenge: Kokoda [Documentary Score] (2015) – Composer

Passion EP – Nick de la Hoyde (2014) – Writer/Producer

Disconnect EP – Monks of Mellonwah (2014) – Writer/Producer/Performer

Road To Peace [Documentary Score] (2014) – Composer

Awake In A World Asleep [Novel Score] (2014) – Composer

Turn The People – Monks of Mellonwah (2013) – Writer/Co-Producer/Performer

Sky And The Dark Night EP – Monks of Mellonwah (2013) – Writer/Producer/Performer

Old Beginnings [Short Film Score] (2012/13) - Composer

Neurogenesis EP – Monks of Mellonwah (2012) – Writer/Co-Producer/Performer

Stars Are Out EP – Monks of Mellonwah (2010) – Writer/Producer



ZU/ZU (2014 - PRESENT)

'A Beautiful Mess' - Nick de la Hoyde - Best Pop Album Independent Music Awards, 2020.  

Mission Impossible Fallout Remix - Paramount Pictures

Performance at Rolling Loud Festival Miami, 2019

Written with Island, Universal, Sony, Warner, ABC and SONGS Publishing artists and writers.

Millions of streams on Spotify including multiple adds to playlists including New Music Friday, New Pop Sounds

Powered by Gibson Guitars USA and Gorilla Ears USA.

Finalist & honorary mention International Songwriting Competition 2017, 2018, 2019

International radio including on Sirius XFM, BBC1

National radio including on 2Day FM’s Hit30 network, Smallzy’s Surgery Nova96.9 and Kyle & Jackie-O’s A-List KISS 106.5FM.

Official remix of Saint Mesa’s track ‘Jungle’ released under Interscope Records USA March, 2017

Performance at 'Teen Vibes' Festival hosted by Dolly/Girlfriend Magazine July 2017

Video for ‘Changing’ won MTV Freshman competition 2016

Performance at Winter Lights Festival, Yost Theatre, Orange County, California 2015

Remixes for Nick de la Hoyde’s tracks over 1 million streams on Spotify

FILM (FREELANCE 2010 – Present)

Producer for Coca Cola 'Epic Summer Campaign December 2017

Freelance composer at Bleeding Fingers, USA

Composer for Feature Documentary ‘Life Challenge: Kokoda’ 2015 – featured on Channel 9

Composer for novel score ‘Awake In A World Asleep’, 2014

Composer for Feature Documentary ’Road To Peace’ 2014 – One Heart Productions – featured on Channel 9

Composer for Trailer, Mozaik creative arts platform, 2015

Composer for Finish Dishwashing TVCs 15sec & 30sec, 2014 – Sandcastle Studios

Sting Arrangement for Toyota, 2014 – Sandcastle Studios

Music direction and thematic development ‘Home & Away’ Channel 7, 2012

Composer for Trailer, Sydney Yacht Design, 2012

Original Score and Sound mix/design for short film ‘Old Beginnings’ featured in the 2013 Cannes de Metrage, Short Film Corner

Composer for Trailer, ‘Hounslow: The Legend of The Mountain Witch’, 2012

Composer for WAHU Summer ‘Pool Party’ and ‘Aussie As!’ campaigns for consecutive years 2012, 2013, 2014

MONKS OF MELLONWAH (2010 – 2015)

30 date USA tour supporting Scott Stapp (Creed), Saving Abel, Sevendust and Gemini Syndrome 2014

6 date ‘Passport Approved’ US West Coast Tour, 2014

Showcase performance at Music Matters Festival, Singapore 2013

Award for ‘Best Indie Band’ - Artists In Music Awards, 2012

Award for ‘Best International Artist’ LA Music Awards, 2012

6 date USA East & West Coast Tour 2012

Debut Album ‘Turn The People’ co-produced at the Studio At The Palms, Las Vegas with Grammy Award winning producer Keith Olsen

Worked with award winning mix and mastering engineers including Mark Needham, Howie Weinberg & Jeff Bova

Local & International Radio Play including triple j, triple m, BBC 2, KROX, HKGFM

Local & International TV spots, including ABC’s Rage, MTV, V-Hits, Channel 4

‘Neverending Spirit’ sync’d to MTVs ‘The Real World: St Thomas’

Press in hundreds of print and digital media outlets

Music video for ‘Swamp Groove’ won best video at Harold Short’s short film competition judged by Glenn A. Baker

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